10 Very Expensive Yachts

People have an obsession with yachts, even if they hate the water. There is something so intriguing about a luxury home on a boat. Perhaps it's the fact that those who can afford them spend a good deal of their time and resources buying up real estate on land, so it only seems natural that their next conquest be on the water.

Even if these wealthy and elite choose not to buy a yacht outright, it isn't unheard of for them to rent them for a few weeks... or months. Regardless of their motivations, yacht manufacturers and custom builders go to some pretty serious extremes to create the most coveted and luxurious yachts imaginable.

Grab a glass of Chablis and sit down, because we are going to show you some of the most painfully beautiful and expensive yachts on the face of the planet.

10. The Rising Sun - $200 Million

It makes us a little woozy to even consider that this is one of the less expensive yachts on our list, but alas, it is. Owned by David Geffen (of Asylum Records, Geffen Records, DGC Records and DreamWorks SKG fame), this incredible feat of maritime magnificence is like a little city on the water. With 82 rooms occupying 5 floors, this boat alone could house a small town. In addition to just being freaking enormous, it boasts a widescreen theatre, a massive wine cellar, a basketball court, and a workout center/spa/sauna. If he wasn't a philanthropist we'd be pretty disgusted (yet, still envious) of this beauty!

09. Seven Seas - $200 Million

Seven suites occupy the Seven Seas, another spendy yacht in our lineup. All are double-occupancy, making this the ultimate party pad for you and thirteen of your closest friends. You could (if they were accessible from one another), sail the Seven Seas on this baby, with its full gamut of amenities, from a theatre to a well-appointed gym, swimming pools and helipad (in case you get tired of the high life and want to seek an even more posh experience somewhere else).

08. Lady Moura - $210 million

Who wouldn't want their name emblazoned in 24-karat gold, even if they're a boat? Onwed by Nassar-Al-Rashid, the billionaire can easily pack thirty of his friends, along with two crew members per each of those guests (for a whopping total occupancy of 90 people) onto the decks of this little piece of luxury and cruise around until the next irresistible investment comes along.

07. Al Mirqab - $250 million

For a quarter-billion dollars, this yacht better meet the exactly standards of the Prime Minister of Qatar. We're pretty sure Tony Blaire never saw perks like this when he was at the head of Great Britain. This gorgeous boat has ten incredibly appointed, spacious bedroom suites, its own helipad and a luxurious swimming pool. These are just a few of the many touches that make this a true escape from real, everyday life.

06. Dilbar - $263 million

This monster of a yacht is fittingly owned by Alisher Usmanov, a Russian oligarch that obviously likes things oversized. Requiring forty-seven people just to man it, the Dilbar is 360 feet long and 50 feet tall. This makes it one of the biggest yachts currently in existence. As expected, it too is well appointed, with luxurious suites and amenities most of us don't even get with our primary residence on land.

05. Al Said - $300 million

With a passion for music, the owner of this yacht made sure that he could always enjoy it live by putting a large concert hall onboard. 154 crew members are needed to keep this beauty sailing straight. It can accommodate up to 70 guests and has a helipad for those late arrivals.

04. Super Yacht - $323 million

You're out in the middle of the ocean, so of course you need three swimming pools! A massive master suite and enough room for six lucky guests makes this a great weekend cruiser. Naturally owned by a billionaire, another Russian lays claim to the "Super Yacht."

03. Dubai - $350 million

Those that live in glass... yachts? That just doesn't have the same ring to it, does it? Nonetheless, you'll be wowed by the glass staircases that inhabit this incredibly expensive and well-appointed yacht. The Sheik of Dubai owns this gorgeous gal, hence her name, "Dubai." Not exactly original, but still very classy.

02. Eclipse - $366 million

Russian businessman Roman Abramovich is the proud (and obviously well-heeled!) owner of the luxurious Eclipse. It's reported that he is known to on occasion lend his yacht to the players of the Chelsea football team for random celebrations. The yacht boasts two helipads and a private submarine for defense purposes (how very Russian!).

01. Streets of Monaco - $1 billion

It seems only fitting that the most expensive yacht in the world has been graced with the name of the most expensive city in the world. At a tidy $1 billion, this incredibly opulent sailing vessel is still under construction. It literally houses a full-scale mansion on its deck, with gardens and a swimming pool. It has an almost surreal look to it. Talk about a private island retreat!