50 Most Expensive Cars in the World - Ultimate Guide

With a whole stable of incredible street machines, you can't help but wonder just which of these comprise the 50 most expensive cars in the world. Have we piqued your curiosity yet? Well, you don't have to wait any longer. Rare. Gorgeous. EXPENSIVE. These are the three qualities each of these beauties has to possess to make it onto our list.

Although the wealthy are obviously the only people that will likely ever own one of these marvels of automotive engineering, it doesn't hurt to look. Go ahead! Live vicariously through this drool-worthy line-up! We can guarantee you won't be seeing any of these in the parking lot on your weekend jaunt to WallyWorld!

To be fair, we've based the order on the car's MSRP (manufacture suggested retail price) and not of the actual sale value as it stands today. With rarity comes that old cardinal sin of coveting that which is practically unattainable - but hey, if you've got the cash, covet away, then, well... buy it. That seems to be the reasoning at the auction houses, pushing some of these cars into double their original prices. So you see why we've tried to level the playing field?

Okay, okay, on with it... let's get a good look at our list of expensive cars and just how big a dent their prices could put in YOUR wallet.

50 - Ferrari 550 ($248,500)

Ferrari 550

One of Italy's famous Ferrari's, the 550 is a 2-seater with a 5.5-liter V12 engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. If you drive it right, this baby can get from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 4.2 seconds. In 2000, Ferrari unveiled a convertible version of the 550, though everything about the engine remained exactly the same.

49 - Rolls-Royce Park Ward ($262,990)

Rolls-Royce Park Ward

The Rolls-Royce Park Ward was originally released in 2001 and is very similar to the Rolls-Royce Silver Seraph. They feature the same engine (5.4-liter 12 cylinder) and have a similar body design as well. The main difference between the two is that the Park Ward model is 10 inches (250mm) longer than the Silver Seraph, and this added room is for additional leg room in both the front and back seats.

48 - Ferrari 458 Italia ($263,553)

Ferrari 458 Italia

Coming in with an interesting 7-speed dual-clutch, the Ferrari 458 Italia has a nice 4.5-liter 8-cylinder engine. Despite only being a V8, it can still go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds. An interesting fact about the 458 Italia, it's the first mid-engine car for Ferrari that featured direct fuel injection.

47 - McLaren MP4-12C Spider ($265,750)

McLaren MP4-12C Spider

Often referred to as simply the McLaren 12C, the McClaren MP4-12C is a handsome supercar with an even more handsome 3.8-liter twin turbo V8 engine. 3.8-liters might not sound too big, but with 592 horsepower and over 443 pounds of torque, it generates speed in a big way. With a top speed of over 218 miles per hour and going from 0 to 60 in just 2.8 seconds, speed is no problem for this beast.

46 - McLaren 650S Spider ($280,225)

McLaren 650S Spider

Another supercar from McLaren that entrances you with its' beauty for hours, is the McLaren 650S Spider. Even faster than the MP4-12C, you can get to 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds even. Featuring a similar 3.8-liter V8 twin-turbo engine, you can expect to still be gripping on to the seat if you're riding in this car.

45 - Ferrari Superamerica ($281,170)

Ferrari Superamerica

Hitting the road first in 2015, the Ferrari Superamerica was a convertible piece of automotive beauty. With a powerful 12-cylinder engine and 533 horsepower, this car is all about speed. When first introduced in 2005, Ferrari advertised the car as the "world's fastest convertible", though those claims would be contested today. Top speed recorded at 199 miles per hour (320km/h).

44 - Ferrari 430 Scuderia ($282,618)

Ferrari 430 Scuderia

The Ferrari 430 Scuderia (scuederia actually means "stable of horses" in Italian) is a remarkable automobile, first unveiled back in 2007. One of the defining features of the Scuderia is that it is over 220 pounds lighter than the other Ferrari 430 models. The engine is also more powerful, with the Scuederia offering 503 horsepower compared to 490 horsepower on other 430 models.

43 - Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II ($286,750)

Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II

The Rolls-Royce Ghost Series II came out with some hot new features compared to its predecessor, including newly designed bumpers, additional chrome inserts to the front air intake, new LED headlights and much more. With a twin-turbo V12 under the hood, and over 590 horsepower, this luxury automobile can get up and go when needed.

42 - Aston Martin DBS V12 ($290,461)

Aston Martin DBS V12

Coming straight out of England, the world-famous Aston Martin DBS is an impressive automobile. The 5.935-liter V12 offers 510 horsepower at 6500 rpm, more than enough for any speed enthusiast. This car is often known as the flagship vehicle of Aston Martin.

41 - Bentley Supersports Convertible ISR ($291,900)

Bentley Supersports Convertible ISR

One of the more limited cars on the list, the Bentley Supersports Convertible ISR had only 100 units produced worldwide. The 12-cylinder twin-turbo engine delivers a whopping 621 horsepower and can leave even some of the most expensive cars in the world trailing behind. The acronym ISR stands for Ice Speed Record.

40 - Lamborghini Diablo ($294,900)

Lamborghini Diablo

Another one of the more commonly known Lamborghinis on the list, the Lamborghini Diablo is an extremely high performance automobile that offers a 5.7-liter and 6.0-liter variation, both 12-cylinders. One of the most popular supercars in the 1990s, this was the first Lamborghini to ever break 200 miles per hour in top speed.

39 - Ferrari FF ($295,000)

Ferrari FF

First shown to the world in 2011, the Ferrari FF is a four-wheel-drive, 651 horsepower beast. The 6.3-liter V12 engine Ferrari employed for this car goes above and beyond what we expected. Originally listed at $300,000 even, Ferrari was able to sell more than 800 of these cars in the first year of production.

38 - Aston Martin Vanquish ($296,295)

Aston Martin Vanquish

The successor to the Aston Martin Virage, the Vanquish is a present day piece of art originally designed by Ian Callum. The V12 engine sitting under the hood gives this car over 520 horsepower. The Vanquish has been recorded as completing the 0 to 60 mile per hour test in 4.5 seconds.

37 - Mercedes-Benz SL-Class R231 ($299,000)

Mercedes-Benz SL-Class R231

Arguably one of the most elegantly designed cars by Mercedes-Benz, the R231 is in a class all of its own. Boasting a 621 horsepower turbocharged 6.0-liter V12 engine, this is one fast ride. It's also much lighter than most cars with an engine that big. Mercedes-Benz decided to go with an almost all aluminum shell for this car, giving it over 230 pounds (110 kilograms) less weight than other cars in its class.

36 - Bentley Mulsanne ($303,700)

Bentley Mulsanne

Another beauty coming out of England, the Bentley Mulsanne is a large vehicle offering all the legroom you and your passengers could ever desire. Though the car only has a V8 under the hood, that V8 is a whopping 6.75-liters and can push 505 horsepower. Like most Bentley automobiles, it's known more for its luxury than its speed.

35 - Rolls-Royce Wraith ($304,350)

Rolls-Royce Wraith

The Rolls-Royce Wraith - the name sends shivers down my spine. Don't be fooled by the precision design on the outside of this car, this beauty is full of speed. The Rolls-Royce Wraith comes stock, with a twin-turbo V12 engine that can push 623 horsepower with ease. This luxury 4 seater coupe first hit the road in 2013 and has been shining ever since.

34 - Ferrari 612 Scaglietti ($313,088)

Ferrari 612 Scaglietti

Originally made to take the place of the more petite Ferrari 456 M, the 612 Scaglietti is one that Ferrari enthusiasts worldwide dream of having. Clocking a top speed at 199 miles per hour, the 6-speed 5.7-liter V12 engine can get up and go whenever the situation calls for it.

33 - Bentley Continental GT ($318,990)

Bentley Continental GT

A model of Bentley known worldwide, the Bentley Continental is one of the nicest cars on Earth to ride in. Many consider the Continental to be the car that pushed Bentley over the tipping point and made it a car manufacturer known to everyone. Luxury in every inch of this vehicle, combined with its dashing 6.0-liter 12-cylinder engine, there's a lot to appreciate.

32 - Ferrari F12 Berlinetta ($319,995)

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta

Introduced originally to replace the Ferrari 599 series, the F12 Berlinetta has received many awards for its sleek design and ground breaking engine. The 6.3-liter V12 could produce over 730 horsepower, quite remarkable considering the size of the engine. Reaching 60 miles per hour in just 3 seconds flat, it's considered an extremely efficient engine.

31 - Ferrari 599 ($320,580)

Ferrari 599

Reigning supreme in the world of Ferrari from 2006 to 2013, the Ferrari 599 was the flagship sports car for the automobile maker. The 6.0-liter V12 engine was attractive to most speed enthusiasts, producing over 610 horsepower in all tests.

30 - Bentley Brooklands ($340,990)

Bentley Brooklands

The Bentley Brooklands, basically a fixed-head variant of Bentley's Azure model, is a two-door beauty offering four seats for it's passengers. First released in 2007, this car very quickly became popular with the world's elite. The 6.75-liter twin turbo V8, and the fact that it's still one of the few luxury cars hand assembled, are just a few reasons why this car is revered.

29 - Rolls-Royce Corniche ($363,990)

Rolls-Royce Corniche

Definitely not the fasted car on our list, the Rolls-Royce Corniche offers a 6.75-liter turbocharged V8 engine, though it only produces about 325 horsepower due to the weight of the car. Reaching a top speed of 135 miles per hour, it may not do the trick for the rich adrenaline junky out there, but it will meet all of your needs for a luxurious, smooth ride wherever you go.

28 - Bentley Azure ($369,990)

Bentley Azure

Another magnificent piece of work coming out of England, the Bentley Azure is a huge automobile offering 4 very spacious seats. Featuring Bentley's familiar 6.75-liter V8 engine, this car offers a strong balance between luxury and raw speed.

27 - Maybach 57 ($372,500)

Maybach 57 S

A popular model within the Maybach community, the Maybach 57 incorporates a lovely V12 engine manufactured by the geniuses over at Mercedes-AMG. With an output of 604 horsepower, this unsuspecting beauty can go way faster than most people expect from a first glance at the car.

26 - Lexus LFA ($375,000)

Lexus LFA

Introducing the second model in the Lexus F-line of cars, the Lexus LFA is a remarkable supercar. Featuring a unique 4.8-liter, even firing 10-cylinder engine, this car only produces 500 horsepower, much less than most cars on this list. For this particular car, you're paying more for the rarity of the car than for the absolute velocity.

25 - Maybach 62 ($430,450)

Maybach 62

Offering a little more power than the Maybach 57, the Maybach 62 pushes 612 horsepower from its V12 bi-turbo engine. This car is all about opulence, offering luxury amenities such as folding rear tables, a refrigerator compartment, an electro transparent barrier between the driver and rear occupants and much more.

24 - Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe ($438,325)

Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe

Yet another gorgeous automobile coming out of England, we have the Rolls-Royce Phantom coupe. Like almost all of the cars that Rolls-Royce makes, this one is also handmade. A powerful 6.75-liter V12 with 453 horsepower sits under the hood and helps to give this car the elegant ride that the name promises.

23 - Porsche Carrera GT ($440,000)

Porsche Carrera GT

Previously listed as the "number one top sports car of the 2000s" by a popular automobile magazine, the Carrera GT is an extremely sought after car. Not just for the 5.7-liter 10-cylinder power, but also for the extremely smooth riding and tight turning attributes this car holds. Once you sit behind the wheel of one of these, you'll realize exactly how smooth of a ride it is. Producing over 605 horsepower, it'll slam you back in your seat if you give it too much gas.

22 - Lamborghini Aventador ($441,600)

Lamborghini Aventador

Only on the market since 2011, the Lamborghini Aventador is nothing to play with. The 6.5-liter V12 engine reaches a top speed of over 230 miles per hour (370 km/h) and can go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 2.9 seconds. Just days after unveiling this car for production, Lamborghini had already received 12 orders for this highly coveted supercar.

21 - Lamborghini Murcielago ($450,000)

Lamborghini Murcielago

One of the most popular Lamborghini models out there, the Lamborghini Murcielago. If you've ever heard of Lamborghini before, then it's very likely you've heard of the Murciealgo too. Known for it's speed, the Murcielago packs a powerful 6.5-liter V12 with over 670 horsepower. You barely even have to tap the gas pedal on this one in order to experience a thrill ride like no other.

20 - Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe ($479,775)

Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe

This gorgeous, handmade automobile is one where anyone would stare in awe if they saw it in person. Every single inch of this car is meticulously crafted in England and you can tell by looking at it. The engine is also something to brag about, with a 412 cubic inch V12 engine under the hood.

19 - Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren ($495,000)

Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren

Just as the name implies, this unique automobile was created from a collaboration between both Mercedes-Benz and McLaren. With a 5.4-liter supercharged engine under the hood, this car produces 557 horsepower and can reach a top speed of 208 miles per hour (334 km/h). It also goes from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 3.5 seconds.

18 - Ferrari Enzo ($643,330)


Arguably the most well-known Ferrari model, the Ferrari Enzo is a timeless classic. The V12 engine sitting under hood offers a powerful 651 horsepower and a top recorded speed of 220 miles per hour. This model was named after the founder of Ferrari, Enzo Ferrari.

17 - Porsche 918 Spyder ($845,000)

Porsche 918 Spyder

An extremely idolized Porsche model that was first released in 2013, this is one hyper car people can't wait to get their hands on. So far Porsche has managed to sell 918 of these automobiles and continues to push to get more sold. The 4.6-liter V8 engine comes with 2 electric motors as well, one on the front axle and one on the rear axle. This gives the car a total of 887 horsepower!

16 - McLaren P1 ($1.1 million)

McLaren P1

One of the few hybrid automobiles on our list, the McLaren P1 is a fantastic piece of work. Considered by many to be the successor of the McLaren F1, the P1 has been able to harness a lot of power out of its relatively tiny 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine. Considering the size of the engine, the fact that it can produce over 727(and a total of 903 when paired with its 177-hp electric motor) horsepower is nothing short of amazing.

15 - Zenvo ST1 ($1.23 million)

Zenvo ST1

Danish car manufacturer Zenvo made headlines when they first revealed the ST1. Heading into production beginning in 2009, the ST1 offers a unique 6.8-liter V8 engine that is both turbocharged and supercharged, resulting in over 1104 horsepower for this car. Due to the hefty price tag, this car has been limited to a production run of only 15 thus far, though the company is not against producing more if there is a demand.

14 - Pagani Huayra ($1.3 million)

Pagani Huayra

With a top speed of 224 miles per hour, the Pagani Huayra has speed enthusiasts standing around with their mouths watering. The twin-turbo V12 packs over 720 horsepower and can get up to 60 miles per hour in just under 3 seconds. The name is derived from Huayra-tata, a wind god to the Quechua people.

13 - Maybach Landaulet ($1.38 million)

Maybach Landaulet

The Maybach Landaulet is an even more luxurious version of the Maybach 57 and Maybach 62. It has the same powerful engine as the 62 (612 horsepower V12), but offers even more in the luxury features department. First of all, the front seats are completely enclosed and completely separate from the back seats. The piece of glass that divides the front and back seats has an electronically controlled opacity meter, meaning you can change the tint of the glass whenever you want more privacy.

12 - Lamborghini Reventon ($1.5 million)

Lamborghini Reventon

First displayed back in 2007, the Lamborghini Reventon is an expensive supercar with an expensive price tag. It held the title as the most expensive Lamborghini for a number of years, until eventually being surpassed by newer, more expensive models. The 6.5-liter engine delivers more torque and horsepower than the average person can responsibly handle.

11 - Ferrari LaFerrari ($1.69 million)

Ferrari LaFerrari

The hybrid sports car coming out of Italy, the Ferrari LaFerrari. To date, only 500 LaFerraris have been sold around the world and every single one of them was sold for well over $1 million. A crazy powerful 6.3-liter V12 delivering 789 horsepower(plus 161hp, coupled with an electric motor) right to the pedal and a smooth 7-speed dual-clutch transmission make this one rocket-ship of a car to drive.

10 - Koenigsegg Agera R ($1.71 million)

Koenigsegg Agera  R

When you have a car that can go from 0 to 60mph in just 2.7 seconds, you know you've got a beast on your hands. The Agera R is that beast. The Agera R has already set 6 new records for land speed in a production vehicle, including going from 0 to over 186 miles per hour in just 14.53 seconds.

9 - Aston Martin One-77 ($1.8 million)

Aston Martin One-77

The Aston Martin One-77 was unveiled to the world and became an instant hit. The name is derived from its limited production run, as there were only 77 ever produced. The handcrafted aluminum body combined with the 7.3-liter V12 engine (over 750 horsepower!) makes this an amazing piece of machinery to commandeer.

8 - Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster ($1.85 million)

Pagani Zonda Cinque Roadster

A rare car indeed, as only 5 of these automobiles were produced worldwide. There was a brief period of time that one of those five cars was owned by an American, and during that time it was considered the most expensive car in America. The majority of this car is made out of carbon fiber, which contributes to its super low weight.

7 - Bugatti Veyron 16.4 ($1.99 million)

Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4

One car that almost any car enthusiast has heard of one time or another is the Bugatti Veyron. With a top speed of 254 miles per hour (407 km/h), this is one car that will get you where you need to be fast. With a giant 8.0-liter turbocharged 16-cylinder engine, you can see why this car has no problem producing over 1000 horsepower. Despite the original testing showing a top speed of 254 miles per hour, there have been several videos released of individuals reaching over 260 miles per hour.

6 - Koenigsegg One:1 ($2 million)

Koenigsegg One:1

Debuting in March of 2014 at the Geneva Motor Show, the One:1 is a limited edition beast of a car. The unique ability of this car, showcased in the name, is the fact that the power to weight ratio is a perfect 1:1. Something that's unheard of with any of the other cars mentioned on this list. It also packs mind-boggling, 1341 hp a twin-turbo 5.0-liter V8.

5 - Lamborghini Sesto Elemento ($2.2 million)

Lamborghini Sesto Elemento

Debuting initially at the 2010 Paris Motor Show, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento features a similar design to other top tier Lamborghini models. It also has a familiar 5.2-liter V10 engine with over 570 horsepower. One cool feature of the Sesto Elemento is the weight of the car - it weighs around 2,200 pounds which is comparable to many subcompact cars.

4 - Ferrari FXX K ($2.7 million)

Ferrari FXX K

Just released in 2015, the Ferrari FXX K is one very fast car. Based on the Ferrari LaFerrari, you'll find a gorgeous 6.3-liter naturally aspirated engine. This amazing supercar produces 1035 horsepower, 848 horsepower coming from the V12 engine and an additional 187 horsepower coming from an electric motor that's also sitting under the hood.

3 - Pagani Zonda Revolucion ($2.9 million)


The final edition of the Zonda, the Revolucion is an amazing automobile. This car is made for pure speed, from the precision placed wing on the back, to the 6.0-liter V12 800 horsepower engine, this car will accelerate faster than you can believe. Updates compared to other Zonda editions, include a redesigned anti-lock brake system, interior updates, improved traction control and much more.

2 - Lykan HyperSport ($2.7 million)

Lykan HyperSport

Now this is a unique automobile if there ever was one. Literally the first supercar that was ever produced in the Middle East, the Lykan HyperSport is an elegantly designed piece of history. Featuring a 3.7-Liter twin-turbo engine, it also has a lot of unique features to speak on how expensive this car is. A few examples would be the headlights with embedded diamonds, gold stitching on the seats and so much more.

1 - Lamborghini Veneno ($4.5 million)


The question we've all been waiting for: what's the most expensive car in the world? Coming in first place on our list of the 50 most expensive cars in the world, the Lamborghini Veneno holds the title for the world's most expensive car, as well as the title for the most expensive car in production. The gigantic 6.5-liter 12-cylinder engine and 7 speed semi-automatic transmission make this a very smooth and very fast ride indeed. We would expect nothing less of the most expensive car on our list.

So there it is! The 50 most expensive cars we were able to find, in all their pricey glory. It may seem that there's no rhyme or reason as to why these cars are so expensive, but just think about it - the engineering, branding, performance and appearance all work together to create a machine only a select few on our planet can afford. These super expensive cars are what keep those of us that drive Fiestas and Versas dreaming of the day we'll be able to rip up Highway 1 in one of the machines off this list of most expensive cars, the beach wind in our hair, the California sun beating down as the supermodel in the seat next to us smiles and tosses her long locks over her shoulder... or, well... at least upgrading to a Camry.