Most Expensive Chocolate in the World

Chocolate is by definition - an item of pure unbridled luxury, the melt in the mouth magic, the dreamy creaminess of dark cocoa, and the rich luxury of having a beautifully presented box brimming with delicate chocolate treasures. Since the beginning of time, chocolate has been considered an extravagant pleasure. Just like fine wines, chocolate varies in quality. Gourmet chocolate holds notes of complexity, is curated from the finest beans, and goes through a specialized process to ensure that every note is a charm upon the tongue. From chocolate flecked with gold to Périgord truffles even hickory smoked bean to bar magic - get ready to drool over the world's most expensive chocolate...

DeLafée of Switzerland's Gold Chocolate Box

Two of the highest luxuries in the world - swiss chocolate and 24 karat gold come together in this extraordinary box of beauty. The coca beans come all the way from the far-flung shores and humid rainforests of Ecuador and Ghana, the ganache is whipped up by Swiss artisan chefs, and each truffle is adorned with 24 karat gold leaf. Along with 8 perfectly poised truffles you also get a collectable solid gold coin, even if the cost will set you back $330.

Chocopologie by Knipschildt

A relative newcomer on the glorious gourmet chocolate scene, this Danish chef peddles his impressive weighty chocolates for $250 a truffle. These aren't just any truffles of course, the most expensive truffle in his range is a deliriously dark truffle made with 70 percent Valrhona cocoa and filled with an elegant French black Périgord truffle to boot. Placed in a silver box upon a bed of glistening sugar pearls, this is an expensive chocolate connoisseurs dream.

Swarovski Studded Chocolates

Instead of gold or rare truffles adorning your chocolate bob, Swarovski have added their glittering crystals to the mix, creating one of the world's most impressive chocolate boxes. Harrods launched the eyewatering $10,000 box of chocolates, packaged for a prince by Lebanese Chocolatier Patchi. Chocolates are embellished with Swarovski crystals, gold, and silk rose before being wrapped in Indian silk and being placed in the soft leather box in its own little gold and platinum compartment. The box contains just short of 50 chocolates, a real treat for the luxury chocolate lover.

Debauve & Gallais's Le Livre

Celebrating 2000 years as a signature French Chocolatier, this impeccable company launched a tour de force of a treat with their Le Livre collection. Inside the glorious gold embossed leather book, you will find darling truffles, beautiful bonbons, white chocolate cream wonders, and gold coins that resemble Marie Antoinette's treasure chest. Along with a sweet selection of pralines and other treats you are also gifted a gorgeous book all about the life and work of the French masters, all for $550.

Petits Richard in a Burlwood Vault

Richarts is renown across the globe for their glorious chocolate box fantasies, and this collection is the stuff of sheer fantasies. First of all, you have the chocolates, curated from the name that has been a Lyon institution since the 1920's. A plethora of imagined flavors made real; from the exotic Haiti ganache to the chestnut coulis, the floral flair of lavender, and the sharp bite of kumquat on the tongue. All the chocolates are housed inside a handmade wooden vault, handcrafted from the central region of France and lingered over for four months to get the right temperature controlled finish. This collection is a steal at $850 and there's no wonder its considered one of the most expensive chocolate names in the world.