Most Expensive Penthouses

It's lonely at the top, but who cares when you have a multi-million dollar view? Penthouses have always been the signature digs of the REALLY rich and famous. These urban dwellings perched atop buildings around the world provide their occupants with not only physical luxury, but major bragging rights. So what about the ones that go beyond just penthouse and venture into the apex of opulence?

From North America to Europe to Dubai and everywhere in between, these marvels of domestic pretention make our cozy homes and apartments feel like souped-up shacks. It seems like no matter where you go in the world, the wealthy want to be at the top of everything, including where they hang their hats.

Our curiosity got the best of us, so we decided to put together a list of some of the most expensive, opulent penthouses located around the world. Through some searching and sorting, we've found a great assortment of beautiful penthouse properties, none of them costing less than the mid-forties. Millions, that is. Take a look at the photos and swoon to your heart's content.

Clermont Residence Super Penthouse: $47 million

Singapore is known for its love of luxury, as evidenced in this glamorous penthouse. It sits atop three floors of the tallest building in the city. Just over 21,000 square feet, this expansive home offers 5 bedrooms and 8 baths - perfect for parties and out-of-town guests! The best part is the lush rooftop garden, offering breathtaking views.

Lumina Penthouse, San Francisco: $49 million

Most of the high-priced penthouses are located on the east coast of the U.S., and almost all in NY. This gem located in San Francisco, however, gives a gorgeous view of the Pacific side of things. The terraces alone cover 1,200 square feet - the size of a two-bedroom house! The rooftop deck allows you to see for miles and miles. Not too bad for only $50 million!

Opus Apartment Penthouse, Hong Kong: $60 million

We're not quite sure how living in a building that looks a bit like a Twizzler would be a draw. It is apparently very attractive for some folks - to the tune of $60 million. Although this building is huge, it houses only 12 units. Each has its own pool, which should tell you something about just how swanky the penthouse is. The views are apparently incredible, both day and night.

Penthouse at the Pierre Hotel, New York: $63 million

We get that real estate is at a premium in America's most crowded and bustling city. We still can't imagine dropping $63 mil for an apartment (note that this penthouse was reduced from the original $125 million asking price), even at the top of one of NY's most prestigious hotels. The four terraces, extensive views of Central Park and two live-in house staff might make that number a little more palatable, though!

Ekaterina Rybolovleva's Penthouse, New York: $88 million

Just a little weekend getaway, the owner of this fantastic penthouse makes her main home in Monaco (perhaps in #1 on our list?). This beautifully appointed, and somewhat small (6,700 square feet) penthouse has amazing views of the city and Central Park. This is perhaps one of the only cases where it might be nice to be the child of bitterly divorcing parents!

South Bank Tower, London: $90 million

This gorgeous, minimalist penthouse sits in a building situated right next to the River Thames. Floor-to-ceiling windows look out on the city and its average residents below. As if that isn't enough, it has two rooftop terraces, affording views of the London Eye and a myriad of other London sights. This brings a whole new meaning to "waterfront property."

432 Park Avenue Penthouse, New York: $90 million

Looking a bit like a REALLY tall IKEA floor lamp, this New York penthouse occupies the top of the tallest residential building in the city. The rooftop is the tallest in Manhattan. It offers up premium finishes like marble walls and 10x10 foot windows, incomparable views and the prestige of living in the tallest building in the northern hemisphere.

One 57 Winter Garden Penthouse, New York: $115 million

We realize our list is a little top-heavy (no pun intended) when it comes to New York penthouses, but how can we resist sharing all of these incredible Big Apple cities with you? With 13,550 square feet, a giant ballroom, yoga studio and a pet grooming room (these people must LOVE their dogs!), this is one of those rare penthouses that sounds like people actually live in it.

One Hyde Park Penthouse D, London: $237 million

Costing almost a quarter of a billion dollars, this penthouse is a luxury London flat on steroids! Never mind that it doesn't have interior walls - it's the ultimate in a customizable space! The 17,000 square foot flat sits atop a building in the famous One Hyde Park posh business and residential park. We'd love to see what the buyer, reportedly a wealthy Eastern European, decides to do with his new fixer-upper!

The Tour Odeon Sky Penthouse, Monaco: $400 million

Yep, you read that right. Our number one pick is this incredibly luxurious penthouse, taking up five floors, including the tippy-top of this 558 foot building in the already extravagant principality of Monaco. Multiple swimming pools, 24/7 concierge service and an in-house caterer... this is just the beginning. The largest of the outdoor pools (a round infinity pool) boasts a waterslide and views galore. We're pretty sure you could find a different spot to sleep for every night of the year in this lux mansion-on-high.