Most Expensive Shoes in the World

We remember those days of old, excitedly skipping into the pleather-scented abyss that is Payless Shoe Source, looking for the perfect pair of back-to-school tennis shoes? Ah, good times, good times. Hot, sweaty, grubby synthetic leather, and the delight that came when they finally blew out and you got to start the process all over again!

We're pretty sure that none of the people that buy the shoes on this list ever had the Payless experience. Heck, they probably wouldn't even know what you were talking about if you mentioned the name! All of the sneakers on this list are for the A-listers, and we're not talking about the popular kids in high school, either. We're talking hardcore shoewhores. People that would drop $10,000 on a pair of sparkly tennis shoes. Why? Just because they can. Where do we sign up?

From the more "Every Man's Shoe" brand Nike to "Snobbery 'R Us" Christian Louboutin, we are going to show you some of the world's most expensive and highly exclusive sneakers out there. If you're starting to feel a little jealous, don't. Although these are some swanky-ass shoes, most of them are limited edition, so even if you had the money, it probably would have been really hard to get your hands on a pair. Which brings us full circle to the A-listers again.

Barring winning a popularity contest AND the lottery, you can still vicariously enjoy these shoes by checking out our list of fantastically expensive sneakers.

The Belgravia High Top by Jimmy Choo: $995

Jimmy Choo... all you have to do is utter those two little words and most women will swoon. What about shoes for dudes? Would you believe that the King of the Stiletto also makes sneakers? Why yes, yes he does. These aren't your "back-to-school-straight-from-Big-Five sneakers," though. Supple Nappa leather is studded with stars for a pair of shoes that is understatedly Choo-esque. Nonetheless, they bear the name, so they also bear the price tag. You'll have to cough up about $1K for a pair of these high tops.

Salvatore Ferragamo Nayon Gancini Leather High-Top Sneakers: $1150

Looking a little like a cross between a high top and a hiking boot, these buttery, deep red beauties from Salvatore Ferragamo will make any outfit. We would love to see them with a sharp tux! Perfectly executed with a fairly simple design, these shoes showcase the flawless leather and bold gold buckle embellishment.

Christian Louboutin Louis Woman Velour High Top Sneaker: $2795

These incredibly blingy high tops probably won't hold up so well in gym class. Featuring hundreds of sparkling Swarovski crystals on each shoe, the backdrop of plum-colored Italian suede is the perfect contrast to the golden accents. They're a bargain, too - with tax, these beauties will only set you back a little over $3K.

Nike Dunk Low Pro SB Paris: $11,000

When these fun, funky shoes first came out in 2003, you'd have saved about $8K buying them then - at that point in time they were about $3K. As time has gone by, they've become harder and harder to find, pushing them further up the, "Holy crap! Are you serious?" scale. With a Paris-themed leather upper and nifty contrasting red "swoosh", they are pretty cute and look super comfy. If only that price tag wasn't so hefty...

Air Jordan 11 Blackout ($11,267)

Starting out as samples, these shoes were expected to be sent to production. Instead, they became more and more desirable as it became apparent that they'd never be released en-masse. We're particularly fond of the shiny black leather that looks a bit like quicksilver. If you were lucky enough to buy these when the samples were released, our hat's off to you! The rest of us will have to come up with over $11K to possess a pair of these rarities.

UNDFTD X Air Jordan 4: $15,000

With only 79 pairs of these Air Jordan shoes ever made, it isn't a wonder that collectors and aficionados are willing to cough up $15K for a pair of these bad boys. Although they're not the flashiest in the Air Jordan line, they hold their own in our lineup. Keep an eye out for your own pair on eBay or Flight Club!

Nike Air Mag: $37,500

Looking more like an orthotic device than a shoe, we still can't deny that these Nike Air MAG high tops were produced for a good cause. Designed to look like the pair Michael J. Fox sported in the 1980s Back To The Future: Part II movie, 1500 pairs were produced for a charity auction. These fugly shoes netted almost $6 million (the first pair selling for $37,500), benefitting the Michal J. Fox Foundation back in 2011. They may not be the height of fashion, but how can one argue when their creation and sale benefitted such a great organization?

Nike "SoCal" Air Force 1 Supreme Max Embellished for Big Boi: $50,000

Okay, so we know that these didn't come off the line with the diamond bling already in place, but these shoes are just so over the top that we had to include them in the lineup. A collaboration of creativity between Ernel Dawkins from Laced Up Atlanta and P&C Diamonds, these super sparklers have 13 carats of champagne diamonds gracing their streamlined swooshes.

Air Jordan 12: $104,000

Most people don't get excited over used sneakers, but these were worn by Michael Jordan himself during the "Flu Game," so they are plenty full of Jordan's sweat. As if that isn't enough, he also autographed them! If this historic game predates you, Google it. It was epic - and nearly 20 years ago! Nonetheless, these shoes are still worth a pretty penny!

Air Yeezy 2 Red October $17 Million

The finally, most expensive shoe, at the top of our list... Red October. We're not sure how Kanye does it, but if he says something's stylish, then people follow blindly. As evidenced by these fire engine red shoes. Although it hasn't been confirmed, a pair was bid up to $17 million on eBay. That's a pretty penny for a pair of shoes, regardless of who rocks them!